Prevalence Of Neck And Back Pain In Dentist

Authors: Miss Darshana P. Bajage, Dr. Dhiraj R. Shete
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2015; 2 (1) :10-12

Background: – Dental professionals commonly experience musculoskeletal pain during the course of their careers. While the occasional backache or neck ache is not a cause for alarm, if regularly occurring pain or discomfort is ignored, the cumulative physiological damage can lead to an injury or a career-ending disability. Method: – Study setting –Dental College. Study design – Cross-sectional study. Sampling method – convenient sampling. Sample size – 50. The subjects were selected based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Proper procedure was explained to all subjects. Written informed consent was obtained from all subjects. Subjects were given Neck disability index and Oswestry disability index for back. Subjects were told to fill the form as per their perception. Result: – Study shows the prevalence of neck pain is more compare to back pain that is 53% and 47% respectively. It also shows that neck pain is more in males whereas back pain is more in females.Conclusion: – From the study we concluded that prevalence of neck pain is 53% and prevalence of back pain is 47% in dentists. We also concluded that neck pain is more in males whereas back pain is more in females.

Key Words: – Neck disability index, Back disability index, Low back pain.