A Family Ruined by Tuberculosis in the 21st Century

Authors:  Dr P.V.Potdar, Dr M.M.Nayak, Dr H.S.Thakker

VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2014, ( 4) | Abstract | pdf PDF Full Article | DOI:


A 45 year old male, resident of Navi Mumbai presented with history of chronic cough. Clinico radiological features were suggestive of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. In view of multiple family members suffering from TB with bad treatment outcomes, we sent his sputum for AFB culture and drug sensitivity testing. Line Probe Assay (LiPA) revealed that he is suffering from tuberculosis with resistance to Rifampicin and Isoniazid. We present here the genesis of this case of primary drug resistant TB with special focus on drug resistance and the subsequent development of tuberculosis in family members with detailed analysis of circumstances and factors resulting in adverse outcomes.