Advances In Abdominal Access For Laparoscopic Surgery


There are several laparoscopic surgery abdominal wall access techniques. The most useful and well-established is the open Hasson technique. The Veress needle closed technique is another alternative, but its use is controversial owing to possibly higher rates of rare insertion complications. Optical trocars have been developed in an attempt to decrease complication rates even further, although the evidence base supporting their use is limited. Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is used in certain centers to carry out various abdominal surgeries, but most commonly appendectomy and cholecystectomy. To date, SILS appears safe and feasible, with possibly greater costs and operative time. Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) is an evolving area of incisionless surgery. While some progress has been made in achieving transgastric or transvaginal peritoneal endoscopic access, this technique remains largely unproven and best-suited for experimental or clinical trial protocols.

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Authors:Dr. Karansinh Parve Patil, Dr. Tejashree Junagade, Dr. Jayant Gadekar
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2018; 5 (3):173-178 | pdf PDF Full Article