An Ossifield Pterygospinous Ligament – A Case Report

Authors:  Dr.Pawar S.E., Dr.Zambare B.R.

VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2014, ( 4) | Abstract | pdf PDF Full Article | DOI:


Study of the base of skull always remains the centre point of attraction for many anatomists since ages. Accordingly many attempts have been made to study skull from time to time. On the base of skull usually there is ligament extending between a Pterygoid process (an irregular posterior border towards its upper part) of lateral pterygoid plate and the spine of sphenoid bone called Pterygospinous ligament. It extends backwards and laterally.This ligament sometimes get ossified. When it getossified there is formation of Pterygospinous bony bar and this can convert it into Pterygospinous foramen(Civinini’s foramen) through which branches of Mandibular nerve can passes. The mandibular nerve, lingual nerve, chorda tympani nerve may get compressed here producing various clinical symptoms ,which intern depends upon dimensions of foramen and grades of compression. This is important for radiologist, maxillofacial surgeons, dental surgeons and anesthetists.