Comparison of Acapella TM Versus Flutter for Airway Clearance in COPD Patients: A Cross Over Trial


Background: Mechanical devices like Acapella & Flutter, which are able to create oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (PEP) have been used to promote mucus clearance. These devices prevent airway collapse by stenting the airways to promote collateral ventilation and thus assist in removal of secretions. The objective of present study was to compare Acapella versus Flutter for airway clearance in COPD patients. Material & Methods: 10 males & 5 females diagnosed as COPD based GOLD’s criteria and aged 45-65 years were conveniently selected from Dr. Vikhe Patil Hospital, Ahmednagar. Design: Cross over trial. Result: 30 subjects were included for cross over trial. The outcome measure was sputum volume in ml to compare between Acapella & Flutter. There is significant difference (p<0.0001) in sputum volume for acapella & flutter where p=0.05. Conclusion: Both the devices are effective however Flutter is more effective than Acapella for airway clearance in COPD patients.

Keywords : Acapella, Flutter, COPD, Airway clearance, PEP devices

Authors: Ms. Anantlaxmi Goud, Dr. Abhijit Diwate, Dr. Deepak Anap, Dr. Nidhi Ahya
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2016; 3 (2):47-49 | pdf PDF Full Article