Effectiveness of trunk and pelvic PNF pattern for improving trunk control in patterns with acute stroke

Authors:  Dr.Krishna G Shinde, Dr. Suverna S Ganvir

VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2014, ( 4) | Abstract | pdf PDF Full Article | DOI:


Background – In stroke, there is paralysis or weakness of one side of the body includes upper limb, trunk and lower limb leading to the disturbances in the trunk muscles. The sensory and motor impairments of upper limb, lower limb and trunk interfere with the functional performance after Stroke. Trunk performance has been identified as an important early predictor of functional outcome after Stroke.

Aims & objectives.- To find the effectiveness of trunk PNF patter on improving the trunk balance in patients with acute stroke.

Material and method- an experimental study carried on 10 subjects with acute stroke.subjects who meet the inclusion criteria were asked to participate in the study, all procedure were explained to the subjects, informed consent was obtained from each subjects prior to participation. After that PNF techniques were given of trunk and pelvic for 5days in a week for 3 weeks.

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Result and Conclusion-The statistical analysis of data was performed by SPPS 11.5 Microsoft windows. The statistical significance for analysis is set up at P < 0.05 level. The results of present study shows statistically significant results for the trunk impairment scale (p = 0.00) & postural assessment scale (p = 0.001). This concludes that trunk and pelvic PNF pattern are helpful in improving trunk control in acute stroke patients.