Is custom made lower limb Orthosis beneficial for in post polio residual paralysis patients

Authors:  Dr.Maheshwari S Harishchandre, Dr. Nitin Nikhade, Dr.Mahendra Shende

VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2014, ( 4) | Abstract | pdf PDF Full Article | DOI:


Objective: The purpose of this study was to find out the usefulness of custom made lower limb orthosis in post polio residual paralysis patients.

Design: Cross sectional Study.

Setting: Department of Neuro Physiotherapy, Pravara Rural Hospital (Tertiary Hospital), Loni, and Villages around PIMS, Loni. Tal- Rahata, Dist-Ahmednagar, Maharashtra State, India- 413 736.Methods:This study was conducted between January 2009 – November 2010. Fifty participants from both gender, aged between 12 to 45 and those who met all the eligibility criteria were included. Results: The results of the study revealed that the discontinuation of lower limb orthoses was 72% in males and in females it was 64% .For Hip knee ankle orthosis discontinuation was (86%) followed by Ankle foot orthosis (84%).

Conclusion: We concluded that discontinuation of lower limb orthoses was more in males compare to females and the reason was physical intolerance.