Maitland Mobilization along with Conventional Physiotherapy in Lumbar Facet Joint Syndrome – A Case Series


Background: Interest in the lumbar facet joint has been revived in recent years and various modalities of treatment for lumbar facet joint syndrome have been described by numerous authors. This study was undertaken to find out effectiveness of Maitland lumbar spine mobilization and conventional physiotherapy in patients with lumbar facet joint syndrome. Purpose: to describe the management and outcomes of 5 patients with lumbar facet syndrome treated with Maitland Lumbar spine mobilization exercises. Study Design: A case series of consecutive patients with Lumbar Facet Joint Syndrome. Case Description: Five consecutive patients (mean age 52 years) who presented with lumbar facet joint syndrome were treated with two weeks protocol which included Maitland mobilisation. Therapeutic Ultrasound (Cont. 1-MHz, 2.0 W/ cm2, 10min) and lumbar stabilization exercises. Follow up was taken 1 week after the end of active intervention. All patients completed Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), Modified Oswestery Disability Questionnaire (MODQ), Sorensen Test hold Timing and spinal Range of motion on initial assessment, immediately at the end of active intervention (2weeks) and at the follow up. Outcome: All five patients showed the mean percentage change in score of VAS 41.38%, MODQ 46.98%, Sorensen test score 12.88%, Flexion range 5.64% and extension range 13.86% at the end of follow up.

Keywords : Lumbar facet joint syndrome, Maitland mobilization, Therapeutic Ultrasound.
Authors: Dr. Deepak Anap, Dr. Subhash Khatri, Dr. B. R. Zambre
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2014; 1 (3) | pdf PDF Full Article