Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Ethmoid Sinus: A Report of an Unusual case


Fibrous dysplasia (FD) of bone is on neoplastic, slowly progressive benign lesion that develops over the years. It is seen in long bones and affection of craniofacial bone is the second commonly involved site. However, FD of paranasal sinuses is rare. Involvement of Ethmoid sinus has been seldom documented. The radiological studies i.e. computed tomography (CT) helps in diagnosis, which is confirmed by microscopic examination. Surgical intervention is the treatment of choice with rewarding results. We, encountered a case of FD of ethmoid sinus extending into nasal cavity, leading to nasal obstruction.

Authors: Dr. S. H. Khaparde, Dr. S. D. Deshmukh, Dr. D. K. Kotnis, Dr. Prajakta Rane, Dr. Shaleen Lamba
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2016; 3 (2):50-52 | pdf PDF Full Article