Morphea: A case of ignorance

Authors: Dr Nilesh J Rafaliya, Dr Supriya Vikhe Patil, Dr Vihsal A Indurkar, Dr Ramesh  Gosavi, Dr Vijeth P
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2016;3(1):23-24


Morphea is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by hardening (skleros) of the skin (derma) also referred as localized scleroderma. It is great cause of morbidity, aesthetic disfigurement & psychological stress. We report a case of 11 year old male child who presented to outpatient department of dermatology with dark colored, shrunken skin lesion on right thigh since 6 to 8 months, initially ignored by parents and inspite of empirical treatment from general practitioner, lesion keeps on progressing so decided to seek specialist advice. The boy was diagnosed as a case of linear morphea clinically and was confirmed by skin biopsy. Medical line of treatment was started and regular follow up was advised to evaluate the outcome. The purpose of this case report is to raise awareness about this disease among clinicians and also parents for early diagnosis and treatment.

Key words: Morphea, Scleroderma, Localised scleroderma