Patients Safety in Hospitals: An Overview


Indian health care industry has widest possible extremes in health care delivery. on the one hand there are brilliant doctors practicing state of the art medicine using the latest technology. on the other, we have in our hospitals and nursing homes ayahs, wart boys and other out sourced staff who have little or no concept of hygiene and sanitation. Health care institutions are of equally varying quality. Generally, the government and charitable hospitals are characterized by overcrowding, underfunding, and facilities are perpetually stretched to limit. Still, at times they are the unfair target of criticism during healthcare crises. Their work environment and busy schedule seldom allows time and means to realistically consider and ensure implementation of quality and safety in their day to day patient care.

Authors: Dr. (Brig) Arun Tyagi
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2014; 1 (3) | pdf PDF Full Article