Study of Oral Lesions In Patients Visiting A Dermatology Out Patient Department: A Cross Sectional Study In Tertiary Care & Teaching Hospital, Ahmednagar


Background: The oral cavity being readily accessible & visible part of the body opens a door for health care professionals regarding many systemic diseases & general health status. The oral lesions in dermatological diseases may be the early aspects of the disease manifestation or the most significant clinical appearance or the only sign/ & or symptom of such dermatological diseases & occasionally lesions occur simultaneously in the skin as well as mucous membrane. Aims: It is clinic-epidemiological study attempts to assess the aetiology of the oral manifestations & emphasizing the aspects referring to their location in patients of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra state, India. Material & Methods: An observational, cross sectional hospital based study carried out on 100 patients, who attended or referred to out patient department of Dermatology, for various oral lesions over a period of one year. Patients were subjected for clinical examination, after obtained detailed history & if needed diagnostic procedures were performed to confirm the clinical diagnosis. Results: In the present study only oral lesions were seen in 61% of patient which includes various infections (29.50%), Neoplasms (16.39%), Aphthous stomatitis (14.75%), Lichen planus (9.83%), Allergic stomatitis (8.19%), Drug reactions such as cheilitis, Perioral dermatitis & bullous FDE together comprises (8.19%), Reaction pattern (6,55%) , & LEOPARD syndrome (1.63%) & 39% patient had mucocutaneous involvement which includes Vesicobullous disorders (33.33%), Genodermatoses (15.38%), Reaction patterns (12.82%), Systemic disorders (12.82%), Drug reactions such as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis/ Steven Jhonson Syndrome/ Erythema Multiforme together comprises (12.82%), Lichen planus (5.12%), Infection (5.12%) & Addisonian pigmentation (2.56%).

Keywords : Oral Lesion, Mucosal lesion, Mucocutaneous disease

Authors: Dr. Supriya R. Vikhe, Dr. Vishal A Indurkar, Dr. Nilesh J Rafaliya, Dr. Ramesh M Gosavi
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2016; 3 (2):41-46 | pdf PDF Full Article