To Study the Ilizarov’s External Ring Fixator for Management of Infected Non-union Fracture of Tibia


Background: Infected non-union fractures of tibia can be treated by many modalities ranging from bone grafting, free tissue transfer, antibiotic cement and Ilizarov’s external ring fixator. Aim: It is to study the effectiveness of Ilizarov’s ring fixator system in treating non-union. Objectives: To evaluate the outcome of Ilizarov’s external ring fixator system applied for infected fracture non-union of tibia both clinically and radiologically. Study design: Prospective longitudinal observational. Result: The study comprised of 10 patients with the mean age of 43.2 years, with 2 female and 8 male patients. It was a secondary procedure for 6 patients and all 10 had evidence of infection. Satisfactory union was achieved in 9 cases with sustained non-union in one. One patient was lost in follow up and there were no mortalities.

Keywords : Ilizarov, Infected non-union, External fixator, Fracture tibia

Authors: Dr. Mulay M. M., Dr. Naikwade D. B., Dr. Shah P. D., Dr. Thipse J. D.
VIMS Health Sci Journal: 2016; 3 (2):50-52 | pdf PDF Full Article